Monday, October 30, 2006

Still post about teaching...

I can't stand to think about teaching right now. I'm ass over teakettle in grading and I'd much rather read about problems like this, which could really only strike in Russia. Please feel free to comment.

To be quite honest, I'm surprised that the Russians can actually experience liver failure. I'd thought it impossible.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

My father > Aleksey Vayner

So, whilst logging into my email today, I noticed an interesting link. The title read simply "This man is outrageous." or something close to that. Being a particularly outrageous (at times) person myself, I decided to see what the hype was about.

Apparently a young man who is currently a student at Yale University (senior perhaps?) recently filmed a video to accompany is curriculum vitae that he is sending to various Wall Street investment banking firms. I thought to myself, Wall Street + investment banking firms = my friend Spencer from Georgetown, but while this guy looks a little like Spence, just skinnier and more douchey, he really puts himself over the top.

The video CV is approximately 7 minutes long and detail his own personal views on success and how success can be described as a distinctly mental experience. His idea is, if you will it to be, believe in your own success, and take your "A game" with you wherever you go, you will never fail, and victory will be yours in all arenas of life.

My very own father has told me these things many times over during the past 27 years of my life and I am thankful for his pushing. My father, however, managed to convince me of the possibility of success without including a 600lb bench press section, a detailed showing of his poor frontcourt tennis play, and the coup de grace, a clip where he breaks about 8 wimpy red bricks while wearing Pony(r) tennis shoes from about 15 years ago.

Enjoy at your whimsy, and make sure to pass this ridiculousness on.

(insert upside down exclamation point here) VIVA EL YOUTUBE!

Taoism? Who woulda thunk it?

I took this quiz at this website, where obviously the questions have been created using many hours of research and consideration.

Apparently the religion or spiritual path I most closely fit into is that of Taoism:

You fit in with:TaoismYour ideals mostly resemble those of the Taoist faith. Spirituality is the most important thing in your life. You strive to live by all of your ideals, and live a very intellectually focused life.80% spiritual.20% reason-oriented.

Try the quiz out, it's pretty interesting, if not 50% lame.