Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"The Baltimoron"

As I sat at my PC today waiting for World of Warcraft's to end its weekly Tuesday ritual of server maintenance and wondering what the hell else I should do with my last day of summer vacation, I remembered having started this blog. Having not written the website of my blog down, I was forced to search through the admittedly depraved links listed under my "recently visited" toolbar. Nevertheless I found it and here we are again, forging ever onward through my adventures in Baltimore, Maryland.

Outside of reading through the new talents and spells to be gained by purchasing Blizzard's equally-expensive expansion pack known as The Burning Crusade, I remembered an anecdote related to me by a colleague upon my arrival in Baltimore. Sitting in a restaurant in Fells Point one evening I had the gall to ask what citizens of Baltimore call themselves. They are Cincinnatians in Cincinnati, simply New Yorkers in New York, and apparently New Orleanians down in Looziana. His response was, "They call themselves Baltimorons." Chuckling at first, I soon realized the distinct irony in his statement when, as we were driving home, I saw the city motto stenciled on a park bench, "BELIEVE".

Believe in what? That we live in a city populated by idiots? Seeking to spare my aching intellect any further stress, I shut the old brain down and just took it for what it's worth. We, in Baltimore, BELIEVE, whatever the hell that's supposed to mean. Hopefully, as this blog continues, I will be able to seek out and discuss via the comments pages, the truth or fallacious nature of this cultural moniker (spelling).

On a humorous sidenote, when entering "Baltimoron" into the Google search engine and hitting "I feel lucky." once reaches an urban dictionary site with some interesting definitions of the term. Feel free to peruse. After a year of living here, I will concur that they are all true to life.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The real title of this blog should be...

"The sound of one hand clapping" because, in my insensitive and overly-judgemental opinion, that is what blogging is, nothing but listening to yourself, trying to make yourself laugh via your own, worn-out witticisms (spelling), and pushing the bilge of your own mind on others in the hopes that they might contribute a dishonest comment like, "Your blog is really inspiring! How did you ever manage to help those 50 turd-covered orphans out of that collapsed Sterno production facility?"

Nevertheless, I enjoy listening to myself talk, as it allows me to de-burden my own being by simply letting my demons possess others. :)

This post is really just a first try at this blogging phenomenon. Wish me luck, don't read this blog if it offends you, and please take nothing I say in the future seriously, unless of course I tell you to take it seriously.