Wednesday, December 17, 2008


"Don't count every hour in the day, but make every hour in the day count." - Anonymous

As I sit in my classroom waiting for students to finish their semester exams, I look forward to my Christmas break. When thinking about Christmas break, I am forced to think about Thanksgiving break and consequently how much I was looking forward to that time off. Thinking about time in general, I have come to the conclusion that whoever came up with the concept of time was both a genius and a sadistic asshole.

I know some of you (all 10 of you who have ever read this blog) are thinking, "There is no one person who came up with the idea of 'time'." I know this, but every time I think about a vacation that is coming up, even one so monumental as that of summer break from school, I cannot help but quantify exactly how much time I have left of that freedom. In my lowly estimation, this begins to take its toll quickly on the enjoyment of one's freetime. When sitting in front of my computer in naught but my skivvies and driving my black war mammoth all over Azeroth, all I can think of is, "Man, I only have 56 more days of vacation and tomorrow it will only be 55, the day after that will only be 54." Eventually I stop thinking about the days and resort to measuring said time in weeks, which is even more depressing, as weeks are days / 7 in case you were wondering.

Anywho, I am very much looking forward to my Christmas break, even moreso than my Thanksgiving break. Hopefully I will have enough of this nebulous concept to enjoy myself thoroughly, be around my loved ones and friends, and then pwn some virtual aholes on teh intarweb.

Another day, another post. I've made this promise often, but I hope to post more in the future. Take that for what you will, coming from the mouth of a compulsive liar. On a positive note, I recently saw a preview for Jim Carrey's Yes Man and Wolverine. Carrey's movie looks to be an excellent return to his comedic roots while Hugh Jackman continues his entertaining if not altogether accurate portrayal of everyone's indestructible canucklehead.


Blogger Greg said...

I have to force myself not to think about how much tyme I have left during vacations and the like. It ruins it for me.Rock Band usually takes my mind off of it.

8:05 PM  

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