Monday, June 16, 2008

Baltimoron versus German Keyboard

Short post as I am still struggling to both cling to consciousness while at the same time figure out why there are two different types of "alt" key on a German keyboard. Being a quick study I have already won the battle of the z versus y switch and plan on a swift but steady, Blitzkrieg-style takeover of unique keys like ß, ö, ü, ä, and the always entertaining, albeit mysterious §.

Nevertheless. We arrived safely today after spending several hours behind a hypercephalic early-teen boy who never seemed to understand that by putting his laptop underneath his own seat and leaning his chair back at the same time, he was agitating the extremely, passive aggressive tendencies of the passenger behind him. Needless to say my Crocs (r) did a merry dance all over his Inspiron and left me with an intense feeling of gratification. NICK FUME AND MENTION HOW ANNOYING THE SITUATION IS TO HIS EXHAUSTED WIFE BUT NEVER REALLY DEAL WITH THE SITUATION! (Insert feeble Hulk refernce here.)

Tomorrow I go for a run in country which shuns the overzealous personal athletic philosophy of so many Americans. Wish me luck.


Blogger Brent said...

Nobody else seems to be leaving comments. Does this mean that I am the only one reading or am I simply setting myself up for the silent ridicule of unknown onlookers? Either way, d00der, I'm glad to hear that you have arrived safely. I will be checking in regularly with overinflated expectations. I trust I won't be let down. Did you happen to catch Teh Hulk before you left? I plan to see it this weekend myself.

8:37 PM  

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