Thursday, January 03, 2013

I just spent two minutes looking at prior posts on this blog.  There are many typographical errors.  Some may call this "character" or "charm".  I find it embarrassing and apologize most humbly.

I'd like to write about the hometown I have had the chance to experience for the past 8 years.  Baltimore, you are a neat place.  Your fans are loyal, your population is diverse, and your well-dressed but overpriced brother, Washington, DC, tends to look down its nose at you.  That is until its residents realize they need a place to live and cannot afford to live in or around DC itself.

The people are what make a town.  Not the places.  Not the teams.  Not the universities.  People in Baltimore are normal.  I appreciate this a great deal.  There are wealthy people here.  There are poor people here.  There are crazy people who eat their roommate's organs here.  There are people here who anonymously spray paint the Baltimore Ravens' logo on the sidewalks of our school's campus at playoff time here.  There are people who speak English fluently but because of their "Balmer" accent I cannot understand them here.

Regardless of the cannibalism, silly accents, and graffiti, Baltimorons are normal.  Regardless of their backgrounds, regardless of their level of privilege, real Baltimorons are good, stable, dependable folk.  They remind me very much of the people I grew up with in Cincinnati.  Some may call them small-minded, I like to think of them as content.  I'd like to thank Baltimore for making the last 8 years enjoyable and revealing.  I look forward to making it a decade! 


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